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Since other people are doing it, I might as well be fashionable and say something about who the fuck I am (other than a diabolical mastermind who is extremely proud that she has now won Pandemic II five whole times, and with all three disease types).

I'm twenty-four, and one of the Wisconsin mice. (I think there are at least four of us on meme regularly. We're not as memeish as Ohio, but we're close!) I'm in the process of double majoring in education and history, with a minor in polisci, because I long to torment high schoolers with my learnings. Teenagers are kind of hilarious to work with when you aren't one.

I'm actually not much into fandom anymore, although I used to occasionally write Avatar fic. (I still love the fuck out of the show, but man does it ever deserve better fans. I am looking at you, Zutarans.) I am easily enthused by what other people are talking about.

I cook a lot! I'll probably recipe recipes here on occasion.
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I'll probably recipe recipes here on occasion.

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But how the fuck do you win Pandemic 2 with a virus?
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Guess who's going to spend her week futily trying to beat Pandemic with a virus now?
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Halo thar other Wisconsin mouse! :D
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I've only ever won Pandemic II with parasites. Now I have to go back to playing and try to win with the other two. Curse you!